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Poland’s booming furniture industry hit by soaring wood prices and consumer belt tightening

Poland is one of the world’s top five exporters of furniture, but the industry – which accounts for 2% of national GDP and employs around 200,000 people – struggled in 2022 and is fearful over itsf future.

During the pandemic, Poland’s furnituremakers flourished, as people focused on home improvements during lockdown. However, that boom has now ended and the industry suffered a difficult 2022.

The global economic crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which fuelled growing inflation

“We have nowhere to go”: Russians in Poland - even opponents of Putin - struggle to renew residence

Olesya Sergeiko, an English-language teacher from Moscow, is half Russian and half Ukrainian. She moved to the Polish city of Gdańsk with her family in 2021 because of her opposition to the Kremlin’s policies. Back in Russia, Olesya attended protests against Vladimir Putin’s regime and unfair elections.

“I have always fought for fair elections. However, my experience has shown that to somehow influence the situation, we need many more people who care. It became clear to me that a change of powe

Weaker Oz House Prices To Reverberate In 2023

Australian housing prices are forecast to continue declining as rising interest rates have yet to impact in full, with consequences for the broader economy in 2023.

-Further falls expected for Australian housing prices

-Peak decline may not arrive until next year

-Weak housing market anticipated to reverberate across the broader economy

-Housing markets might not stabilise until interest rates no longer rise

The Australian housing market is set for the sharpest downturn in decades as rising

Influx of Ukrainian refugees stokes housing shortage in Poland

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, almost 3 million people have fled across the border in Poland, and it is estimated that the majority remain in the country.

As many of them seek a place to stay temporarily or long term, the demand for apartments for rent has spiked in the large Polish cities that have been the refugees’ main destination. This has further pushed up already record-high rental prices, fuelled by inflation and high energy bills.

As Poland calls for help, Gdańsk volunteers work day and night to support Ukrainian refugees

Gdansk, Poland – People rushing and lining up in front of help centres, crowds at the main train station, and yellow-blue flags popping up everywhere: Polish cities like Gdańsk have opened their arms to Ukrainians escaping the war.

The solidarity and mobilisation of Polish volunteers have been instrumental in managing the first weeks of one of the worst refugee crises on the European continent in decades. But as more people cross the border, Poland struggles to accommodate everyone in need.

Blame-game continues as Poles face sky-high gas prices - Kafkadesk

Gdansk, Poland – Poland has long been seeking to diversify gas supplies as its long-term contract with Russian state giant Gazprom is scheduled to expire at the end of 2022.

But as the energy crisis in Europe deepens and the Russian-Ukrainian war rages just across its border, Poland faces galloping commodity prices directly impacting households and businesses still reeling from two years of the pandemic.

COVID-19 crisis: a shot in the arm for Russian e-commerce

GDANSK/MOSCOW (Reuters) - The coronavirus crisis has helped fuel a surge in online shopping in Russia that has put even the remote icy expanse of Chukotka on the e-commerce map.

The windswept region in Russia’s far east, where winter temperatures can fall below minus 50 degrees Celsius (-58F), has started to boom for online retailers since the pandemic started keeping consumers at home.

It’s a trend playing out across Russia, spurring explosive growth for online retailers. Traditionally unable

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Breaking Boundaries: Medical Psychedelics

This story features VITURA HEALTH LIMITED, and other companies. For more info SHARE ANALYSIS: VIT

Australia is the first country in the world to legalise the use of psychedelic drugs for mental illness.

Australian companies are establishing themselves in the emerging market of medical psychedelics after Australia became the first country in the world to legalize the use of psychedelic drugs for mental illness.

From July, psychiatrists can prescribe MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, and psilocy

Poland risks slowdown in R&D and innovation, as the dispute over EU funds lengthens

Academics in Poland are starting to question how the dispute with the EU over access to €35.4 billion from the pandemic recovery will impact research, investment in innovation, and industry/academic collaborations at national and international levels.

Poland has been waiting months for money it is due to receive to help rebuild the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. But Brussels says it will not be forthcoming until the country implements “milestones” that include reforms to the judicial syst

Academics in eastern Europe warn of risks to academic freedom

University heavyweights in Hungary and Poland are continuing to decry curbs on academic freedom, as alarm bells sound about increasing restrictions on universities across the EU.

Hungary is viewed as the most extreme case of an EU member state limiting academic freedom, as highlighted in the 2018 ruling by the European Court of Justice that the government violated EU law when the Central European University (CEU) was pressured into moving from Budapest to Vienna.

The situation in Poland is see

Ukrainian refugees fill gaps in Polish labour market but risk getting stuck in low-skilled jobs

The fast recovery of the economy from the impact of Covid has increased staff shortages in industries ranging from construction and catering to healthcare and education.
In an effort to plug those gaps, the government has rushed to integrate refugees from Ukraine, including by relaxing requirements to enter the labour market, for example suspending the need to obtain a work permit and making it easier for certain qualifications to be recognised.

Polish government blames soaring inflation on Russia's war, but that’s only part of the story

In April, inflation in Poland hit 12.3%, its highest level since 1998 according to preliminary data. The figure for March, 10.9%, was also in double figures. The Polish government blames Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for the growing prices, which it has termed “Putinflation”.

“Today, all prices mainly depend on the actions and decisions of one man – Vladimir Putin,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki declared. “The war in Ukraine affects energy prices, and they affect the costs of everything.”


In Poland, ordinary Russians start paying the price of Putin’s war - Kafkadesk

Gdansk, Poland – Some Russian and Belarusian nationals living in Poland are facing increasing cases of verbal abuse, threats, and calls to go back to their country as anti-Russian sentiment grows in the wake of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Over fifty cases of discrimination were reported to the Center for Monitoring Racist and Xenophobic Behavior in Warsaw, its head Konrad Dulkowski told Kafkadesk.

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